Your Privacy:-


  • We collect your personal information as

    • Your Full Name

    • Your residential address

    • Your Date of Birth

    • Your License/Permit number

    • Your License conditions

    • Your guardian, Partner or parent's contact number and name

  • This information is kept confidential with our records on paper and digitally in our computer.

  • We are required to collect this information by law and per Taxi Service Commission guide lines.

  • We do not share, transmit, disclose or sell your information to anyone or any companies or marketing organisation for any benefits in cash or kind or free.

  • We are required by law to disclose your personal information to Law enforcement agencies as Police, VIcroads or Taxi Service Commission when demanded.

  • Your personal information is stored with us for a minimum of 24months including your Driving Lessons History.

  • We treat your Personal Information as a confidential document and is disposed off by mean of SHREDDING.

  • If your personal information is stored electronically on our website, it is 128bit encrypted with SSL certification and is proetected by the SSL certificate issuing authority.

  • You have access to your personal information with us to correct your information or to have a data sheet of your lesson's history.

  • We click your photos when you pass your drive test and publish it on our website, facebook and instagram page to let others know of our successful work. Your photos are not altered, or morphed for any other purpoe. It may be applied with some filters to adjust colour balance. You consent us to click your picture and use it on our website and social media account. You can request to blur or hide your face via a text message or email or in writing.

  • Your lesson with us may be recorded at times. Such recording will be made available to you upon request if the recording was done. This recordings are mainly stored on a hard drive in a secure place with us for a sole purpose of defending any road related claims arising out of your driving lesson. You consent us to record the lesson and use for legal purpose. This is nothing but a DASHCAM installed on the vehicle which will record the voice of the cabin and the road in the direction of the camera lense. The DASHCAM is NEVER turned on except the road situation is hazardous like heavy rain, traffic or on freeway driving.

  • By law, you must disclose any medical condition you may be suffering and are taking medication for it. Failing to declare your medical condition to us, you indemnify us for any failure to assist in an emergency arising out of medical condition on a driving lesson or drive test. you further indemnify us against any law suit or cost out of such situation while on driving lesson or drive test with us. You further indemnify us against any compensation claims, third party property damage claim arising out of your negliance of driving or inability to control the vehicle under a medication or drug influence or delibrate act of collission. In an instance of such way, you ARE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR INSURANCE EXCESS INLCLUDING AGE EXCESS AND ANY OTHER EXCESS PAYABLE by our insurer RACV.

  • You must declare to us if you are taking any MEDICATION and are suffering from any ILLNESS or TERMINAL ILLNESS that may impact your ability to DRIVE and CONTROL the vehicle safely.  You must declare to us , Asthma, Diabetes, Color Blindness, Anxiety, Depression, High or Low Blood Pressure if you are suffering and are taking medication to manage it. 

  • You provide us an emergency contact of a spouse or a parent for any emergency arising while on lesson or test with us, and authorise us to contact them and provide the details of such emergency to them and further authorise use to take appropriate action as per their recommendation as to call an Ambulance or Police or take you to a GP or Hospital.

  • It is highly unlikely to have a physical contact with you on a lesson, though you agree to be assisted or lifted physically if any emergency arises while on a lesson and you or the instrutor becomes immobile or in trauma that may impact ability to move. 


You indemnify us against any LOSS, DAMAGE TO A ROAD USER, INJURY, INSURANCE CLAIM, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, DAMAGE TO VEHICLE, REPAIR COST, REHAB COST, MEDICAL COST, arising out of your negligence to obey driver trainer instruction, or under the influence of drug use or under alcohol use or any medicine use that will restrict your ability to drive, control, concentrate, think and act, or you deliberately causing a crash. In such event, you shall bear all cost of any claim arising out of your action. We are not to held responsible for any such intentional act of you which will put us, you, other road users, pet, vehicle, vegetation, council or private property in danger or damage or completely destroy beyond repair or making permanent or temporary disabled.