Vehicle Requirements for Drive Test

There are specific requirements for a Vehicle to be taken for the Solo Drive Test. If you go with a vehicle which is not as per requirements, your drive test will not be conducted and you will be sent back. You may have to book a Drive Test again by paying and waiting longer. Below are the requirements for the vehicles to be taken on the solo drive test. 

Vehicle Requirements for a SOLO drive test

  • Must be clean, registered and in roadworthy(no bald tyres or oil leaking and air conditioner working) condition

  • Has a working primary speedometer that can be seen from the passenger seat 

  • Has both driver and passenger side mirrors

  • Has a functioning windscreen and rear window demister

  • Has a seatbelt for all occupants

  • Air Conditioner is able to maintain a comfortable temperature

  • Has working headlights on low and high beams

  • Has a centrally mounted handbrake that the licence testing officer can operate if required.

  • Door in working order

  • Manual or Automatic transmission in working order as per your preference of license.

Please note Vehicles fitted with electronic or foot operated park brakes cannot be used for solo tests.

Vehicle Requirements for a Drive Test in Driving School Vehicle


  • Driving School Vehicle are maintained as per the VicRoads requirements by driving school operators.

  • It is always convinient to use driving school vehicle as you have an Instructor to go with you on test who will show you the test route before the drive test.

Please note Driving School Vehicles are Exempt from Central handbrake and can have Electronic or Foot operated brakes.

  • How to enter in Car

  • How to adjust Seat

  • How to adjust  Mirror

  • How to adjust Steering

  • Rear View Mirror

  • Hazard Lights

  • Head Lights & Indicator 

  • Washer & Wiper

  • Demisters

  • Hand Brake

  • Head Rest

  • Seat Belt

  • Front FOG light

  • Rear FOG light

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