Reverse Parallel Parking

On the drive test, during stage 1, the LTO will ask you to perform a Reverse Parallel Park when they find a car parked at the kerb where THERE IS NO CAR BEHIND IT and there is NO DRIVEWAY behind the car. if they can not locate such a space then you would do a 3 points turn. The LTO will ask you to do a Reverse Parallel Park while your car is in motion. They will say as,




What is a Reverse Parallel Park?

Reverse Parallel Park is a parking which is performed when you have a space available between 2 parallelly parked car.

Do I have to do a Reverse Parallel Park on the Drive Test?

Reverse Parallel Park is a maneuver that you must know. It's a part of your DRIVE TEST in STAGE 1. You will be doing either a Reverse Parallel Park or a 3 Points Turn as the LTO finds it suitable on the road.

What are the REQUIREMENTS for a Reverse Parallel Park?

  • Must finish the Reverse Parallel Park in NO MORE than 2 minutes.

  • Must follow the Signalling, Observation and Give Way rules.

  • Must finish with FRONT and REAR left wheels within 300mm(1 feet) from the KERB.

  • Must not go more then 7 meter behind the rear of the parked vehicle.

  • Must use 4 vehicle movements(change gear 4 times)

  • Must NOT HIT the kerb hard enough to cause discomfort to vehicle occupants(no passenger is shaken).

  • Must NOT MOUNT the kerb(go over the kerb).

  • Must finish withtin 1-2 meter behind the rear of the parked vehicle.

How to do the Reverse Parallel Park?

  • Indicate LEFT and go parallel with the parked car keeping about 1 Meter distance and stop your car.

  • It is not at all required to stop at the mirror, you can stop as you like at door or mirror. it is important to know where to start turning and where to stop.

  • Now look through back window, check all the mirrors and look on your right shoulder for any on going or on coming traffice. If there is a car trying to go or take you over as the road is wide enough, let them go. you must give way to any vehicle before you start to do a reverse parallel parl.

  • Once it is safe put your car in REVERSE and ROLL your car when the outside LEFT mirror aligns with the end of parked vehicle.

  • Now turn the steering to FULL LOCK LEFT and roll you car until it makes a 45 degreee angle on the road.

  • Now, turn your steering back to straight position and keep your focus on the leftside mirro and a blind spot mirror while rolling your car.

  • Roll your car until the rear left tyre is on the gutter.

  • Stop the car and turn the steering to FULL LOCK RIGHT.

  • Again looking at the left mirror and spot mirror, keep rolling until the car body aligns with the kerb.

  • Once you are satisfied that the car body and kerb as parallel to each other, turn your steering straight.

  • Put the car in DRIVE and roll your car without moving the steering but adjust if required.

  • Look for the bumper of the vehicle in the front.

  • The bumper of the vehicle in the front should be hidden under the bottom of your windshield, once this happens, stop your car.

  • Put car in DRIVE and PULL HANDBRAKE up. This is called SAFE YOUR CAR.

  • Your Reverse Parallel Parking is done.

Important to Remember

  • The front and rear left wheel must be on the gutter.

  • The LTO will open the door and check to see if only GUTTER is visible.

  • You can change your gear 4 TIMES. That is 2 Drive and 2 Reverse.

  • You can definitely use your REVERSING CAMERA if fitted.

  • If you can not do a Reverse Parallel Park, it is not a failure of test, the LTO may ask you to a 3 Points Turn and may consider it with a remark to improve parking. This is case by case looking at other maneuvers of driving and may not happen at all.

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