Head Check is looking over your shoulder through rear windows for any blind spot vehicles. Some prefer to do it by looking through rear door windows and some prefer to do it just over the shoulder through their or front passenger's windows. Both ways are okay for a head check as you will be able to see your blind spot if any.


Blind spot is a GRAY area which is not visible to you as  a driver in the REAR VIEW MIRROR or EXTERIOR MIRRORS. It is an area which is parallel to your vehicle on the left or right side which is not visible in the mirror. To check this you have to turn your head to your shoulder and then immediately turn head back to see ahaed.

When to do a Head Check?

  • Before you Merge on the road from KERB or PARKING

  • Before leaving a parking bay

  • When doing a ZIP merge

  • When doing a LANE CHANGE

  • When moving car by one car width

  • When doing a 3 Points Turn

  • When doing a Reverse Parallel Park

  • When crossing a BICYCLE Lane turning left from a straight road

  • Merging on a FREEWAY from a suburban road.

  • Goin through a Slip Lane


Most new cars nowadays comes fitted with blind spot warning device fitted. It is generally an ORANGE LIGHT in CAR SHAPE on the exteriror mirrors.  Those lights glows  when the vehicle is in motion and any vehicle from the back from anyside approaches the vehicles.  Some vehicles are fitted with AUDIBLE BEEPERS for the blind spot warning. 

This devices, when fitted in the vehicle by the manufacturer, is allowed to be used on the Drive Test. If there is a way to turn it off, you can turn it off on a request from VicRoads LTO.

Important to Remember

  • Failing to do a HEAD CHECK on your drive test on a maneuver, you will be awarded a Critical Error.

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