A slip lane is an area of road for vehicles turning left that is separated, at some point, from other parts of the road by a painted island or traffic island.

A slip lane is only available at the Intersection with Traffic Lights. A slip lane is availbe on all 4 sides of the intersection. A slip lane will have a pedestrian crossing with or without lights. Past the pedestrian crossing there will be a GIVE WAY marking and or a sign to merge on the main ongoing road.

How to go through SLIP LANE?

When approaching the slip lane, proveed slowly making sure you speed is slow enough to stop safely if required to do so before the pedestrian crossing.

  • Look LEFT and RIGHT at the marked foot crossing.

  • If any pedestrian is present on the crossing or at an approach, stop your vehicle safely behind the marked foot crossing.

  • Wait for the pedestrian to cross the crossing from point A to B.

  • When the pedestrain has moved out of the crossing and there is no other pedestrain, proceed ahead keeping a looking at your right and stop your vehicle to give way to,

    • Vehicle traveeling staright on the road you are turning into

    • Any vehicle turning Right from the intersection

    • Any vehicle making a U turn

  • Once you are satisfied that there is no vehicle coming from the intersection or the vehicle approaching the intersection from your right is far and you have a safe gap to go, proceed to turn.

  • Drive to the speed of the road.

  • Check the REAR VIEW MIRROR.

Do I have to STOP at SLIP Lane or I can drive out slowly?

While it is not MANDATORY to STOP at a Slip Lane, It is highly recommended that as a learner you proceed slowly and stop for a second before merging to the left and do a head check to make sure there is no confilicting traffic which may casue danger to you and other road user. 

An experienced driver may proceed slowly without stopping at the slip lane, once they are very sure that there is no pedestrian and any vehicle that will affect their turn.​

Where and Whom I'm required to Give Way?

  • To Pedestrians on the Marked Foot Crossing.

  • Any vehicle travelling straight from the road to your right.

  • Any vehicle making a U turn from the road next to you.

  • Any vehicle turning right from the oncoming road from intersection.

Important to Remember

  • Failing to GIVE WAY to pedestrian and drive out without STOPPING, you will fail your test for "FAIL TO GIVE WAY"

  • Your vehicle must stay clear of the pedestrian crossing at all times.

  • You can not encroach the pedestrian crossing making it dangerous for pedestrian to cross. This will be considered as INCOMPLETE STOP and a CRITICAL ERROR will be awarded.

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