Cancellation Policy


Things always dont go as planned. Sometime things are unexpected and you may need to cancel your appointment for lesson. We understand this and allow cancellation of the appointment provided it does not cost us Money. In this business our TIME IS MONEY. We will cancel your booking with NO CHARGE & RESCHEDULE it per your convenience if...


  • A cancellation is requested 24 hours prior to lesson.

  • There is a medical emergency in a family.

  • You are unwell.

  • Anything unexpected comes up which can not be avoided on a emergency basis.


  • We reserve the right to forfeit the Lessons Money if cancellation is requested within 12 hours of Scheduled Lesson Time.


  • We will FORFEIT your Lessons money in case of a cancellation requested on the same day of your lesson within 6 hours of Lesson time

  • We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND for cancellation of Lesson(s) in case of you are going away for a substantial amount of time. Please inform us for any unplanned leave from lesson so we can reschedule your lesson(s) accordingly.


  • We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND change of mind.


  • We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND if you failed a DRIVE TEST where the reason to fail is a Critical Error or Immediate Termination Error or Intervention.


  • We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND if you failed to bring documents on your DRIVING TEST and VICROADS Testing Officer refuses to conduct your DRIVE TEST. Carrying your documents is your responsibility