Professional Driving Lessons in Doreen

We provide high quality driving lesson and driving assessment for you to drive in Doreen. We deliver driving lessons to all age group from teenagers to mature  for their journey of driving a vehicle from the FIRST LESSON to getting a DRIVER LICENCE with VicRoads.

Why Driving Lessons are SO IMPORTANT?

Like other skills you learn, driving is no different but more like a LIFE SKILL. Getting behind wheels is so exciting and convenient. Many learners get Anxious or Nervous while learning to drive with family members. Having a Professional Driving Lessons  with ABCDM8, you can count on us for the best education.  We are very certain on our skills and abilities that you will feel at ease, will learn with peace of mind and have fun learning to drive. We will educate you all the road rules, manoeuvre, tips and tricks to make a SAFE, CONFIDENT, COMPETENT and a RESPONSIBLE driver. Our aim is to create a FUN LEARNING ATMOSPHERE in the car which enables you to learn with a Smile and Freedom.

We will cover all Diverse Roads and Road Conditions while your learning so that you have a vast experience of driving on all sort of roads and it's conditions. We also take you to highway and freeway. Night Driving is important part of your learning which we cover at no extra cost. With our tips and tricks, we can guarantee that you will be able to drive any shape and size car, hatch, sedan or people mover.

We have developed our website with information in easy to understand language. As a member, you have access to it anytime, anywhere.

Your training car is sparkling clean outside and immaculately clean inside. The car is cleaned, sanitised and disinfected daily using safe and hospital grade chemicals. Our car is smell neutral. 

Your training car is high tech safety features built. The car has features like, Auto Emergency Brake, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Collision Warning, Reverse Cross Traffic Alert, Reverse Camera with Guidelines, Rain Sensing Wipers and the Dual Controls. The car is ANCAP 5 star safety rated. 

Your personal driving instructor is highly Professional, Experienced, Knowledgeable, Calm, Patient, Punctual, and fun to be with.

Professional Driving Lessons is not an EXPENSE but an INVESTMENT which will yield you higher returns on your LONG JOURNEY OF DRIVING FOR THE REST OF LIFE. 
From Driving Lessons to the Driving Test, we will work with you to get your process simple and affordable that you will have a Licence to Drive with the first attempt.