The Drive Test

The Drive Test is a final step to obtain your Driver License to drive SOLO on the roads. The Drive Test is conducted in a roadworthy private vehicle or a Driving School Vehicle. If you are going in your vehicle, vehicle requirements are outlined in VEHICLE FOR DRIVE TEST.

Drive test is conducted by VicRoads on a specified route which covers most road conditions and maneuvers.  A LTO(licensed testing officer) becomes your inspector who give instruction and monitor your driving skills. They will mark you for every manuever you do and based on the marking, if you have enough score you will PASS the drive test and get the driver license.

The drive test is in 2 stage.

  • Stage 1 runs for atleast 10 minutes and covers low speed manuevers and you will be asked to do a Reverse Parallel Parking or a 3 Points Turn.

  • Stage 2 covers high speed manuevers including changing lanes, going through median turning lanes turning from left to right and right to left lane.

When you go to VicRoads for your drive test, you must take a ticket and wait till called out.


At the counter the LTO will check your ID and ask you question as follows.

  • Are you still living at the same address?

  • Has your license ever been suspended or cancelled?

  • Do you suffer from any medical condition or take any mediction?

  • Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?

You should answer the question truthfully.

After this the LTO will ask you to read a string of alphabet behine them as,


  • Please read line number 3 on the chart.


If you read them correctly, they will then instruct you as follow.

My name is XYZ and I will be your tester today. The drive test is in 2 stages. In the stage 1 I will ask you to do either a Reverse Parallel Parking or a 3 Points turn, do you know both of them?(you reply yes). At the end of stage 1, I will ask you to pull over to the kerb and add up your score. If you have enough score we will move on to stage 2. During the drive test, obey all the road sign and road rules and any road work sign. There is no general talking, but if you need me to repeat any instruction, please ask. We will be going to a permanent 40 zone and a school zone.Do you have any question? (ask if you have any question or say NO)

After this the LTO will say, I will meet you out at the car. 

You should go to your car and get ready inside the car. Turn accessory on, down the driver and front passenger windows.

  • How to enter in Car

  • How to adjust Seat

  • How to adjust  Mirror

  • How to adjust Steering

  • Rear View Mirror

  • Hazard Lights

  • Head Lights & Indicator 

  • Washer & Wiper

  • Demisters

  • Hand Brake

  • Head Rest

  • Seat Belt

  • Front FOG light

  • Rear FOG light

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