Payments Methods and Policies

How can I pay for my Lessons?


  • Pay with Cash in person

  • Pay with Bank to Bank transfer

  • Pay with Credit card as AMEX, Master Card, Visa through PayPal online on website or on Mobile.

  • Pay with Credit card as AMEX, Master Card, Visa in person.

  • Pay with PayPal balance through PayPal gateway.

  • Pay with Bank account through PayPal gateway.


Do you offer Partial Payment?


  • We generally do not do Partial Payment. 

  • We may accept Partial payment as 50-50 on case by case.


Do I have to make a full payment before I commence my Lesson?


  • You are required to pay upfront if you are going on Pay Per Lesson basis (daily payment).

  • If you are buying a 5 Lesson Pack or 10 Lesson Pack, we may accept 2 payment as 1st payment of 1st Lesson and 2nd payment on 3rd Lesson.


How safe is my Credit Card Details on your website?


  • Your Credit Cards details are never known to us as we do not process your payment but PAYPAL does. 

  • PayPal is a well company for online payment processing. 

  • PayPal use SSL encryption to safe guard your info and is never revealed to anyone per their T&Cs,


Can I pay you using my Credit Card in Person as I am bit concerned?


  • Yes, you can, you have to advise us before you book your lesson to bring a terminal so we can process your payment on the spot.

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