To give way means that if there is a danger that your vehicle could collide with another vehicle, person or animal you must slow down and stop if necessary to avoid a collision. If you are stationary, you must remain stationary until it is safe to proceed.

How to know it's a GIVE WAY sign?

A GIVE WAY sign is a TRIANGLE board with GIVE WAY written on it. A Give Way sign is always represented with a BROKEN or DOTTED line at most give way point. Those lines are called ROAD MARKING.











Some times a GIVE WAY sign is only present but NO MARKING.











Sometimes only markings on the road are present and NO SIGN.








Do I have to STOP at give way sign or I can drive out slowly?

While it is NOT MANDATORY to STOP at a GIVE WAY sign, it is always RECOMMENDED to STOP as a LEARNER. Most experienced driver slowly proceed through give way sign without stopping. Do not try to imitate that. Experienced drivers have developed skills of MULTI TASKING and SCANNING their surrounding. As a learner you are lacking those skills. 


We strongly advise that you slow down well before the give way sign and stop at the correct position to scan the road around you before moving forward or turning. Please DO NOT ROLL your vehicle at give way sign as it will enter the road you are turning into and may lead to a collision.


Once you gain experience and are able to scan the road for any hazard or dangerous situation, you may proceed to go through give way sign without stopping.

Where and Whom I'm required to Give Way?

  • To Vehicle going straight or turning into at T Intersection 

  • To pedestrian crossing at the road ou are turning into at T  Intersection

  • To any vehicles already in ROUND ABOUT

  • To any Pedestrian at SLIP LANE

  • To a car turning right from intersection or going straight while you are in a SLIP LANE

  • To oncoming an ongoing vehicles when Merging on road from KERB

  • To oncoming an ongoing vehicles before moving across to RIGHT to do a 3 POINTS TURN

  • To oncoming an ongoing vehicles before starting to REVERSE on a REVERSE PARALLE PARK

  • To any vehicle or Pedestrian on the left or right before leaving a PARKING BAY

  • To any vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist before Reversing out of drive way

  • To any vehicle going straight or turning into from Median Turning Lane

  • To Pedestrian and  Disabled Scooter Riderat a PEDESTRIAN Crosssing

  • To Pedestrian and Disabled Scooter Rider at a MARKED FOOT crossing with / wothout blinking orange lights

  • To ongoing vehicle at lane merge with broken line when merging left or right on a continous road

  • To any vehicle or pedestrian at an UNCONTROLLED Intersection

  • To any vehicle or pedestrian when making U turn at TRAFFIC LIGHTS

  • To Bus pulling out of BUS STOP and bus flashing RIGHT indicator

  • To any EMERGENCY vehicle oncoming or ongoing with SIREN BLARING, LIGHTS FLASHING

  • To children at Children's Crossing in SCHOOL ZONE when there is no school hours

  • To children at Children's Crossing in SCHOOL ZONE during school hours when crossing supervisor is present

Important to Remember

  • Failing to GIVE WAY to a Pedestrian at MARKED FOOT CROSSING will be considered as Immediate Termination Error and you will FAIL YOUR TEST immediately.

  • You are not required to give way to ANY PEDESTRIAN crossing road from an unmarked crossing at road. 

  • At the ROUNDABOUT you must give way to Pedestrian if there is a MARKED crossing, or else you can continue to move.

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