BUS LANE is a part of a road or lane which is marked for used by BUS only.  A Bus lane is a marked lane or part of a marke lane and  may be as follow. 

Begining at a BUS LANE sign and ending at BUS LANE END SIGN

Begining at a BUS LANE sign and ending at a traffic sign that indicates a special purpose lane.

Begining at a BUS LANE ROAD MARKING and ending at the NEXT INTERSECTION.

Sign and Marking

  • A BUS lane have an ORANGE MARKING which says as "BL" or "BUS LANE"

  • A BUS lane may have BUS LANE and BUS LANE END sign at start and end of lane.

  • A BUS lane may be longer than 100 meters

  • A BUS lane may have marking and sign or either of them

Who can drive in a BUS lane?

  • Only public buses or other vehicles as specified on the sign may use these lanes

Can I drive in a BUS LANE?

A driver of a vehicle except a BUS can drive upto 100 meters in the BUS LANE if it is necessary to,


  • To enter or leave the road

  • To overtake a vehicle that is turning right or making a U-turn from the centre of the road.

Important to remember.

  • It is an offence to DRIVE in a BUS LANE more then 100 meters 

  • 3 Penalty units are awarded as fine for such offence

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