What is Pre Drive Safety Check?

Pre Drive Safety Check is a standard procedure before the Drive Test. Whether you go Solo or with an Instructor, Pre Drive Safety Check is conducted to make sure the vehicle is in a working order and all the controls and lights are working for the entire drive test.

After the LTO has completed the interview inside VicRoads and you have been instructed to meet at the vehicle, be seated inside the vehicle, turn accessory on with the driver and passenger windows down so that you can hear the instruction given by the LTO for pre drive safety check. 

1. The LTO from outside of the car will direct you to Operate following controls.

  • Left Indicator

  • Right Indicator

  • Head light on

  • Head light on High Beam

  • Beep your horn

  • Windscreen washers and wipers

  • Hazard lights

  • Foot on the brake

2. The LTO will take a seat inside the car and will ask you to


  • Point to the handbrake.

3. The LTO will ask to identify but not operate the following controls

  • Point to Front Demister

  • Point to Rear Window Demister (if fitted)

4. The LTO will then ask you to 

  • Start the engine.

Please note

  • If you are unable to OPERATE and IDENTIFY items in 1 and 2, or if any of the controls are not operating correctly, you will not be permitted to take the drive test. 

  • If you can't identify a control in item 3, you will be shown the control. If you need to use one of the controls during the test and you need help to identify it again, the drive test will end and you will be unsuccessful.

  • You will be given 3 chance to START THE ENGINE, if you fail to start the engine, your drive test terminates and you are unsuccessful.

  • How to enter in Car

  • How to adjust Seat

  • How to adjust  Mirror

  • How to adjust Steering

  • Rear View Mirror

  • Hazard Lights

  • Head Lights & Indicator 

  • Washer & Wiper

  • Demisters

  • Hand Brake

  • Head Rest

  • Seat Belt

  • Front FOG light

  • Rear FOG light

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