Not all fingers in our hands are of same size. So is human being. Everyone is different and unique. How many lessons do you need, depends on few factors as, how quickly you learn new things, how oftern you practice and importantly with whom you learn. Read below for more insightful views.

How many lessons do you take in a week?

It is crucical to have professional lessons in the begining of the journey to drive. You do not want to risk your own car crashing with other vehicles or property and ending up paying too much for insurance or have permit cancelled or suspended.


If you can afford, having 2 lessons a week for 4-5 weeks is a good investment. It is not recommended to have too much gap between lessons. Too much gap means you quickly forget what you have learned and when you jump on wheels the next time, you start over again and will end up paying more than less.

For fresher, we recommend having 3-4 lessons in a row to understand the mechanics of the car and road. Then switch to 2 lessons a week to keep in the loop and continue to next step.

How much private practice you get?

Once you have had lessons with your instructor, wait for your instructor's clearance to get you driving with your parents or partner, It is very important to practive now and then what you have learned from your instructor.


It is a great way to get behind the wheels at different times of the day. Ask your parents or partner if they can take you out and let you practice things you have learned. The more experience you have on diverse road conditions, the better for your learning.


Please be sure to ask your parents or partner to have your name on the insurance policy in case something goes wrong. If you are not on a policy, your parents or partner would end up paying heafty insurance excess for unregistered driver on policy. People under 25 years of age are generally on higher excess of insurance policy.


How many different road situations you experience?

You as a learner will encounter argument to take longer to learn to drive from your parents or partner. It is okay to have this as you will experience many different situations on the road as,


  • Rain

  • Wet roads

  • Fog

  • Icy road

  • Road Works

  • School Zone

  • Gravel Road

  • Booz bus queue

If at any of the situation,  you are not confident, get back to your instructor and ask them to take you through that sitations and learn better. We are happy to discuss things over the phone for you if you encounter any problem in things you have already learned.

You keep missing little things while driving

Refer to our DID YOU KNOW section for important little information you should know when you are driving on different roads.