Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are you a Qualified Driver Trainer?

A. Yes, we are a  Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Driver Trainer) certificate qualified. 

Q. Are you an Accredited Driver Trainer with Taxi Service Commission?

A. Yes, we are an accredited driving instructor registered with Taxi Service Commission.

Q.Are you and your vehicle Fully Insured?

A. Yes, the training vehicle is fully insured for Accident and Third Party Property Damage,

Q. What kind of car do you use for training?

A. We use late 2017 model Hyundai I30 SR, Auto Transmission only for training. The car is a full feature high end car with  Autonomous safety features like, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Reversing Camera with guide lines, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Front Collision Avoidance including Pedestrian Detection.

Q. Do you have a dual control vehicle?

A. Yes, the training vehicle fitted with dual control for safery of all.

Q. Do you come to us?

A. Yes, we come to you at your home or work or school as required within a reasonable distance.

Q. Do you do night lesson?

A. Yes, we do night lessons for you at no extra charge.

Q. Do you speak any other language than English?

A. Yes, we do speak, Gujarati, Hindia and Punjabi.

Q. Do I have to carry my Learner's permit / Overseas license with me while lesson?

A. Yes, you have to. There is a penalty for not carrying a valid license / permit while driving.

Q. Can I answer a phone call while on lesson on a handsfree?

A. NO, as a learner driver, you are not permitted to use any mobile phone.

Q. Is it true that regional testing centre are easy to pass drive test?

A. NO, we always encourage our students to go to drive test at the nearby testing centre where they live. This is because you will be driving your vehicle where you live and not where you go for your drive test. It is always recommanded that you go for drive test to your nearest testing centre than going to regional testing centre.