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Your Privacy:-


  • We collect your personal information in form your Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, License or Permit number. 

  • This information is kept confidential with our records.

  • We are required to collect this information by law and per Taxi Service Commission guide lines.

  • We do not share or sell your information to anyone or any companies or marketing organisation for any benefits in cash or kind or free.

  • We are required by law to disclose your personal information to Law enforcement agencies as Police, VIcroads or Taxi Service Commission when demanded and your information is stored with us for 12 months minimum including your Driving Lessons History with us.

  • We treat your Personal Information as a confidential document and is disposed off by mean of SHREDDING. It is not disposed in Rubbish bin.

  • If your personal information is stored electronically on our website, it is 128bit encrypted with SSL certification and is proetected by the SSL certificate issuing authority.

  • You have access to your personal information with us to correct your information or to have a data sheet of your lesson's history.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are you a Qualified Driver Trainer?

A. Yes, I am Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Driver Trainer) certificate qualified. 

Q. Are you a Registered Driver Trainer with Taxi Service Commission?

A. Yes, I am registered with Taxi Service Commission as a Driver Trainer.

Q.Are you and your vehicle Fully Insured?

A. Yes, the training vehicle is fully insured for Accident and Third Party Property Damage,

Q. What kind of car do you use for training?

A. We use late 2017 model Hyundai I30 SR, Auto Transmission only for training. The car is a full feature high end car with  Autonomous safety features like, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Reversing Camera with guide lines, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Front Collision Avoidance including Pedestrian Detection.

Overseas License Changeover :-


  • For Permanent Resident Visa holder


  • Person who is coming to Australia on a Permanent Resident Visas, are allowed to legally drive in Victoria for up to 6 months on their overseas Unrestricted Full Driver License for CAR.

  • The License must be in simple English or with English translation along with your native language on it. You must get your overseas license verified from your country embassy in Australia or through Business Licensing Authority through Vicroads.

  • You can go for a Drive Test on your Overseas Driver License after clearing a learner driver test pass score and without getting a Learner's Permit card. You must clear a Hazard Perception Test to have a Drive Test taken for your overseas license.

  • If you clear the Drive Test, and are older then 25 years, you will be awarded a Full Unrestricted Victorian Driver License.

  • If you fail the Drive Test when you go for a Drive Test with your Overseas License , you need to get a Victorian Learner's permit and then you will need a Full Driver License Driver accompany you all time when you drive along with a "L" plate shown on Front and Rear of the Car.

  • It is illegal to drive without "L" plates mounted on car with a Learner's permit and Overseas Driver's License in possession.

  • You must disclose any FAILED DRIVE TEST in Victoria to us when committing to have Driving Lessons or going for a Drive Test.

  • If you hide your FAILED DRIVE TEST when you are Learning with us and you have no Victorian Learner's Permit in possession and you have the Overseas License only, and you putting the vehicle in Danger or Collission or crash or Killing a Road user, you indemnify us of all the Liability arising out it and you take all liability to pay for Medical, Insurance, Rehabiliation and Repair cost to People, Vehicle and any Third Party Property involved in the Incident.

  • If you hide your FAILED DRIVE TEST when you book us for a Drive Test and at the Vicroads Testing centre, the testing officer find outs from their records that you are not eligible for a Drive Test as you PREVIOUSLY failed the Drive Test and you do not hold a Current Victorian Learner's permit, and the testing officer REFUSES to take your Drive Test, you are liable to pay us our FULL FEE which is NON REFUNDABLE as it is NON DISCLOSURE of information to us and is a BREACH of HONESTY and Responsibility to DISCLOSE INFORMATION to US.


  • For Overseas Students and Temporary Visa Holders

  • Overseas student coming to Australia on Student Visa or any professional coming to Australia on Temporary Visa, can legally drive in Victoria with their Unrestricted Full Overseas Driver License for CAR or MOTORBIKE for the length of their visa.

  • You can only drive a Vehicle your are licensed to Drive on your Overseas License.

  • The License must be in simple English or with English translation along with your native language on it.

  • You can go for a Learner's Test at Vicroads Testing Centre if you intend to get a Full Victorian Driver License. You will also need to pass the Hazard Perception Test in order to attempt a Drive Test

  • Vicroads will issue you a letter confirming the status of your online Learner's test result as Pass or Fail.

  • If you are younger then 25 years, you will get a RESTRICTED PROBATIONARY License. For which you will need to display a "P" plate in the Front and Rear of the Car.

  • If you hold a Full Overseas Driver License then please DO NOT go for Learner's Permit Card for Identification purpose. This will super seed your Overseas License and you CAN NOT DRIVE in Victoria unless you have a supervising Full Driver License Driver sitting next to you.


It is required by law to drive with your DRIVER LICENSE or LEARNER'S PERMIT CARD with RIGHT PLATES shown on the car at all times.

Payment Policies & Method:-

How can I pay for my Lessons?


  • Pay with Cash in person

  • Pay with Credit card as AMEX, Master Card, Visa  through PayPal online on website or on Mobile.

  • Pay with Credit card as AMEX, Master Card, Visa in person.

  • Pay with PayPal balance through PayPal gateway.

  • Pay with Bank account through PayPal gateway.


Do you offer Partial Payment?


  • We generally do not do Partial Payment. 

  • We may accept Partial payment as 50-50 on case by case.


Do I have to make a full payment before I commence my Lesson?


  • You are required to pay upfront if you are going on Pay Per Lesson basis(daily payment).

  • If you are buying a 5 Lesson Pack or 10 Lesson Pack, we may accept 2 payment as 1st payment of 1st Lesson and 2nd payment on 3rd Lesson.


How safe is my Credit Card Details on your website?


  • Your Credit Cards details are never known to us as we do not process your payment but PAYPAL does. 

  • PayPal is a world known company for online payment processing. 

  • PayPal use SSL encryption to safe guard your info and is never revealed to anyone per their T&Cs,


Can I pay you using my Credit Card in Person as I am bit concerned?


Yes you can, you have to advice us before you book your lesson to bring a terminal so we can process your payment on the spot.

Cancellation Policy:-


Sometime things are unexpected and you may need to cancel your appointment for lesson. We understand this and allow cancellation of the appointment provided it does not cost us Money. In the business our TIME IS MONEY. We will cancel your booking with NO CHARGE & RESCHEDULE it per your convenience if...


  • A cancellation is requested 48 hours prior to lesson.

  • There is a medical emergency

  • You are unwell


We reserve the right to forfeit the Lessons Money if cancellation is requested with in 24 hours of Scheduled Lesson Time.


We SHALL FORFEIT your Lessons money in case of a cancellation requested on the same day of your lesson within 6 hours of Lesson time.


We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND for cancellation of Lesson(s) in case of you are going away for a substantial amount of time. Please inform us for any unplanned leave from lesson so we can reschedule your lesson(s) accordingly.


We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND change of mind.


We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND if you are not Competent in driving after having a little number of lessons with us. Learning capabilities differs from person to person.


We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND if you failed a DRIVE TEST where you failed the test due to Critical Error or Immediate Termination or Intervention.


We DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND if you failed to bring documents on your DRIVING TEST and VICROADS Testing Officer refuses to conduct your DRIVE TEST. Carrying your documents is your responsibility. 



You indemnify us against any LOSS, DAMAGE TO A ROAD USER, INJURY, INSURANCE CLAIM, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, DAMAGE TO VEHICLE, REPAIR COST, REHAB COST, MEDICAL COST, arising out of your negligence to obey driver trainer instruction, or under drug use or under alcohol use or any medicine use that will restrict your ability to drive or concentrate or think and act, or you deliberately causing a crash. In such event, you shall bear all cost of any claim arising out of your action. We are not to held responsible for any such intentional act of you which will put us, you, other road users, pet or property in danger.

Please disclose any MEDICAL CONDITION you are suffering or any Medication you take that will affect your ability to drive.