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Choosing a Driving Instructor is a easy as 1,2,3. read below to find out how?.

What do others say about them?

When I say others, I mean people you know who have been trained by the instructor and passed their tests and are safe, confident drivers.  A personal recommendation is a great way to find a driving instructor so ask anyone you know who is learning to drive or passed recently. If one's recommendation is not enough for you, get online and read some reviews of the instructor online on Google or Facebook. Specially look for reviews from people of different backgrounds. An instructor having reviews from different Ethnic group people will be the best one to go for.

Are they qualified?

Your driving instructor must be TSC approved as a Driving Instructor (DIA). Driving instructor is teaching on a dual control vehicle. They have fresh training, they’re heavily invested in you learning well and may even be cheaper.

It's illegal for anyone who's not officially trained to charge for lessons (and there really have been cases of driving instructor fraud!). Always ask to see their DIA card and WWCC card if you are under the age of 18.

Do you like them?

You may like your Parent, or a Friend or a Teacher. Your Driving Instructor should be a cocktail of all of this. They are helping you learn and keeping you safe, as well as making learning to drive a great experience and fun. Your instructor should be Punctual, Flexible and Friendly. Their car should be clean and in perfect working order. Importanly, he should not Shout or Yell on you, make you tense or uncomfortable. Treat the driving instructor as a friend where you can share what you feel, seek guidance like a parent and ask to teach like a teacher. If your driving instructor isn't like this, he is not for you.

Do they offer any great extras?

  • Ask any potential instructor if they can offer help with driving theory as well as practical teaching for your computer based test.

  • If they are able to teach you in different time slots as per your Uni or Work schedule.

  • If they can take you to different roads including freeway and city drive.

  • Check if  they offer discounts for bulk bookings(lesson packs). $5 here or there could save you a fair chunk of cash over the months you’re learning to drive.

  • Check if they offer Free lessons after you have taken certain numbers of lessons with them.

  • Have bottled water, mints or lollies and over the counter pain and fever tablets with them in case you need it.

What’s their teaching style?

Every learner wants to get on the road ASAP. If you are not ready, you could be a danger to yourself and others on the road. The cost of crash in monetary will cost you much but mentally will give you a lot of stress.  A good driving instructor will help you overcome your nervousness than focusing on making more money out of you. A good instructor will always do the right thing by taking you places which are different. Driving in different road conditions, weather conditions, dealing with hazards and how to remain safe at all times. Be sure to ask to go to different routes as many times as possile.

What do they charge?

Cost is an important factor for most. But to me it's the last question for a reason, the others are more important.

Cost can be a big factor when searching for driving lessons. Don't be tempted to have an instructor who offers lesson at a cheap price. If the instructor is giving you a cheap price, it means he is not the right instructor for you. There are so much of cost involved and any one working with cheap rate, is putting you in danger or you will end up paying too much to him for your learning. The industry standard is $60 an hour. If someone is doing an hour lesson for $45, check if they have a late model car which don't compromise your safety.